HM Submarine C17

Laid down on 11 March 1907 C17 was the first submarine to be built at Chatham.
C17 was launched on 13 August 1908 by Mrs Giffard, wife of the Admiral Superintendent, Vice Admiral George A. Giffard. CMG.

Her career was not without incident. Operating in the North Sea in 1909, she collided with C16. In 1917 she was sunk in collision with HMS Lurcher. Raised and repaired, she continued in service until being sold for scrap on 20 November 1919.
C17 went into the record books as being the first submarine to carry out beach reconnaissance in 1917. Her mission was to record tidal movements off the Belgium coast.
During WW1 she served in the 5th, 3rd and 6th Flotillas at Dover, on the Humber and at Portsmouth.


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List of Commanding Officers
F.H.D Byron
T.B.S Mcgregor-Robertson
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