HMS/m E8:  Crew List, 1914 - 1918
Robert L
Sub Lt
Lt       (Russian Officer)
Leading Stoker
Russian Signalman
Leading Seaman
Walter James
Able Seaman
Select for more information   Walter James Martin

From Holywood, Down, Born 1894. Martin joined the navy in August 1911 and began his training at HMS Ganges, shore training establishment for boys, on the 22-8-1911. He started his 12 years real time service on the 22-4-1912, becoming an Able Seaman on the 29-11-1913 while serving on the battleship HMS Duncan.
Martin joined submarines on the 16-2-1917 and was sent out to the Baltic, arriving there on the 1-5-1917 where he joined E8.
Martin departed Helsingfors in the Baltic, via Petrograd to Murmansk, by train with the main group. Once in Murmansk they traveled to England on the armed merchant cruiser Andes, an ex Royal Mail liner, arriving back in England on the 15-1-1918
On his return he joined the books of HMS Dolphin before moving to the depot ship HMS Adamant on the 7-8-1918. On the 16-12-1918 he moved the submarine C5 tied with HMS Egmont II but only stayed with her until the 12-1-1919 and reverted to HMS Dolphins books until 24-3-1919, Martin then joined the submarine J7. He then became part of a Royal Australian Navy agreement when all the J Class submarines were commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy at Portsmouth on 25 March 1919.
Martin moved to HMAS Cerberus, a shore establishment south east of Melbourne, with J7 on the 31-10-1919.
By February 1920 Martin was on his was back to England and joined the submarine K12 until the 19-11-1920.
He once again headed out to Australia in November 1920. He became a Leading Seaman on the 7-4-1921 and by 1922 was back in England.
On the 15-11-1924 he joined the submarine L54 and remained there until the 2-5-1927.
Martin left the navy in late 1928.

Able Seaman

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