HM Submarine E1

Laid down on 14 February 1911 E1 was launched on 9 November 1912 by Mrs Anson, wife of the Admiral Superintendent, Rear Admiral Charles E. Anson. MVO.

At the outbreak of war, E1was attached to the 8th Flotilla at Harwich.
In the early months of WW1, E1 under the command of Lieutenant Commander N.F Laurence, became the first British submarine to enter the Baltic. On their first day in the area, an attack was made on the German cruiser Victoria Louise but the torpedo's fails to hit the target. In 1915 E1 attacked and damaged the Battlecruiser Moltke.
In late 1915, Lieutenant Commander N.F Laurence was recalled home and Lieutenant Commander Fenner took command.
During 1916 while operating in the Baltic, boats were painted bright red below the waterline and green with brown spots above.
In April 1918 with the Germans fast approaching the base at Helsingfors, it was decided to scuttle the Baltic Flotilla. E1 along with E9 and E19 were destroyed on 3 April 1918. Other boats were destroyed during the same month.


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