HM Submarine G3

Laid down on 1 October 1914 G3 was launched by Mrs Erskine on 22 January 1916.

During September 1917, along with G4,G7 and G11 patrolled the North Sea to look for German submarines returning home.

G3 was sold for scrap in 1921. During her passage to the breakers in December 1921, she broke free of her tow. After drifting ashore at Scalby Mills, north of Scarborough she later drifted out to sea again and finally came to rest under Buckton cliffs in Filey Bay.
G3 was broken up for scrap where she lay.
The information on the demise of G3 and the pictures of the wreck, has been provided by Lee Norgate of Filey.
My thanks to Lee for this information. Please visit Lee's web pages for more information on G3 and other wrecks around Filey Bay


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