HM Submarine C20 Logs 1st to 31st August 1914

Saturday 1st August 1914 at Newcastle
6.40am Slipped from Alecto and proceeded alongside Isla took in 960 gallons of petrol
8.12 Secured to Alecto
9.53 Proceeded outside harbour and trimmed in company with Alecto
1.36 Returned to harbour and secured alongside Alecto
Received 20 gallons of oil from Alecto
3.50 Started charge

Sunday 2nd August
2.45 Stopped charge
Shipped 1 war head topped up 2 torpedoes
Sunday routine

Monday 3rd August at Newcastle
Topped up 2 torpedoes shipped 1 war head
Era’s refitted no.3 piston

Tuesday 4th August
8.47 Slipped Alecto and proceeded to buoy
9.50 am Started G.E charge
10.55 Stopped charge
12.45pm Proceeded alongside Alecto

Wednesday 12th August at Newcastle
8.40am Slipped and proceeded to buoy while Alecto coaled
11.45 Secured to Alecto
Hands as required
Era’s refitted no. 10 piston

Thursday 13th August
3.38 Slipped Alecto and proceeded to sea in company with HMS Patrol and destroyers and submarines
6.24am Returned to harbour and secured to Alecto
10.25 Started charge for 5pm stopped charge
Hands scrubbing deck cloths and cleaning boat
Era’s reset push rods

Friday 14th August
4am slipped Alecto and proceeded to buoy
Hands employed as requested
6.46pm Proceeded to sea and trimmed 7.35pm Returned to harbour and secured to Alecto
9.35pm Started charge
Era’s refitting no.1 exhaust box

Saturday 10th August
2.45am Stopped charge
Topped up torpedoes and groups
Hands cleaning boat

Friday 28th August 1914 at Newcastle
Hands employed cleaning paintwork and scrubbing deck cloths
Discharged 110 gallons to motor boat
Era’s refitting no.6 exhaust valve

Saturday 29th August

Slipped Alecto and proceeded to buoy
6.27pm Slipped and proceeded to sea and trimmed
6.57pm Proceeded up harbour
8pm Started charge
Era’s Refitted starboard main ballast pump

Sunday 30th August
1.15am Stopped charge
Sunday routine
Era’s refitted no.12 exhaust valve

Monday 31st August
9am Proceeded to buoy
12.15 Returned to Alecto on completion of her coaling
1pm started charge
6.15pm Finished charge wiped over battery
Era’s refitted no.6 exhaust box

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