HM Submarine C20 Logs 1st to 31st July 1914

Wednesday 1st July 1914 at Dundee
Hands Coaling Vulcan; ERA's refitting No12 Carburettor and No 12 Breathing bottle.

Thursday 2nd July 1914 at Dundee
Hands Cleaning Vulcan; Topped up after battery

Friday 3rd July 1914 at Dundee
Topped up fwd battery; 9:20 Start Charge; 3:40 Stopped Charge

Saturday 4th July 1914 at Dundee
Proceeded out of Victoria dock 9:50am secured to buoy; Tested both torpedoes correct; Repairs to No7 carburettor.

Sunday 5th July 1914 at Dundee
Sunday Routine

Monday 6 July 1914 at Dundee
8:20 Slipped and proceeded to sea for exercises;
10:40 stopped and trimmed. Position NNE 6' from Bell Rock.
10:55 Dived, carried out dummy attack; 11.7 surface; 1:20 Dived, carried out dummy attack;
2.0 surface; 2.11 Proceeded into harbour; 5.0 Secured alongside Vulcan.
5.45 Started Charge

Tuesday 7th July 1914 at Dundee
8.15 slipped and proceeded down the river
9.20 main reversing switch burnt out. Anchored off lady bank buoy
11.45 toed into King William dock by harbour launch

Wednesday 8th July at Dundee
8am started charge from shore
1pm stopped charge
Hands painting outside of boat. Electrical staff working on reversing switch
Took down no.12 breech end

Thursday 9th July
Painting boat and cleaning up generally
Guard of honour landed pm
Fitted new breech end to no.12 cylinder

Friday 10th July
Visit of HM the King
Hands wiping over battery

Saturday 11th July
Saturday routine
Fitted new connecting rod to no.12 cylinder

Sunday 12th July
Sunday routine
Tested reversing switch and found correct
Trail with main motors

Monday 13th July
5.20am proceeded to buoy motors
9.20am started G.E charge
11.22am stopped charge
1.25pm started charge
3.10pm stopped charge
Topped up torpedoes

Tuesday 14th July
Hands employed cleaning paintwork
Refitting cylinder oil service

Wednesday 15th July
Hands employed cleaning bright work, painting fore ends and bilges
Charging with G.E all day

Thursday 16th July
7.26 Slipped and proceed to sea for exercises
9.20 Stopped. Trimmed. Carried out to 2 practice dives.
12.24pm Dived and attacked Alecto
12.40 Comps to tubes
12.55 Fired starboard torpedoes
12.56 Fired port torpedoes
12.57 Surfaced
1.20 Proceed into harbour
2.56 Secured to buoy
3.28 Proceed along side Alecto hoisted into torpedoes and proceeded alongside Vulcan
4.45 Started charge topped up all groups of torpedoes

Friday 17th July at Dundee
5.55am Stopped charge
8.3 Slipped form Vulcan and secured to buoy
8.48 Slipped and proceed to sea for exercises
10.40 Stopped
10.53 Dived and made dummy attack on Alecto
11.5 Surface
1.50 Divide and made dummy attack on Alecto
2.10 Surface
2.30 Proceeded into harbour
4.45 Secured to buoy
Topped up groups with air compressor

Saturday 18th July
9.45 Slipped from buoy and carried out full power trails over measured mile. Result unsatisfactory
11.0 Secured in Victoria dock. Trimmed down forward and examined propeller. Correct

Sunday 19th July
Sunday routine

Monday 20th July
4 hands range party. Remainder scrubbing deck, painting out fore-ends reaping ignition circuits
Resetting push rods and taking cycle of engine. Repairs to permeators.

Tuesday 21st July
Hands painting deck, bilges and fore-ends
Resetting carburettors and making new bush for distributor box

Wednesday 22nd July
Proceeded into river and carried out series of full power trails. Unsatisfactory
Secured to buoy
Hands employed as required

Thursday 23rd July
9.57 Slipped from buoy and carried out series of full power trials. Unsatisfactory
Received 500 gallons of petrol from C.23.
1.50 secured in King William dock

Friday 24th July at Dundee
7.55am Started charge
6.40pm Broke charge
1 hand range party. Remainder painting bilges fitting bridge screen and hatch way cover
Refitting no.1 and 4 pistons

Saturday 24th July
Saturday routine
Completed refitting No.1 and 4 pistons

Sunday 26th July
Sunday routine

Monday 27th July
Wiped over main batteries. Filled up with fresh water.
Discharge 1 torpedo to C23
“War decaled with Germany” (this entry had a line though it)
Refitting no.2 piston, completed engine ready for sea

Tuesday 28th July
Hands employed taking in war stores
5.45pm proceeded out of King William dock and secured alongside Alecto.
Topped up all groups and torpedoes
Refitting air compressor.
Received 50 gallons of oil for depot

Wednesday 29th July
Slipped and proceeded into Tay
7.45 Secured alongside Alecto
8.45am started charge
5pm broke charge
Tested torpedoes
Refitted number 5 and 6 pistons

Thursday 30th July
6.5 Slipped
6.12 Proceeded to mouth of river and trimmed
7.50 Proceeded in company with Alecto, C21 and C19 for Newcastle
7.18pm Surfaced along side Alecto in river Tyne
Fitted new gudgeon bush to no.12 cylinder

Friday 31st July
Hands cleaning up boat, putting on war heads and stowing gear away
Hands make and mend clothes
Refitted no.7 piston and fitted new gudgeon pin
Received 160 gallons of oil from Alecto

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