HM Submarine C20 Logs 1st to 30th September 1914

Tuesday 1st September 1914 Newcastle
4.40am Slipped Alecto and proceeded down harbour to buoy. Secured to buoy 5.15
6.50pm Slipped buoy and proceeded up harbour alongside Alecto
7.55 Started charge
11.15pm Stopped charge
Era’s refitted no.2 exhaust box

Wednesday 2nd September
Hands employed scrubbing deck cloths as required
Era’s refitted no.4 exhausted box

Thursday 3rd September
Hands scrubbing deck cloths and cleaning bright work
8.5am Started charge
11.15am Stopped charge
Era’s fitted new rollers distributor box
Discharge 100 gallons of petrol to Eun Mara
25 gallons of petrol to motor launch no.51

Friday 4th September
8.30am Slipped a proceeded in company with TB 24 for Tees bay
11.55am Arrived Tees bay and secured alongside TB 24

Saturday 5th September at Tees Bay
Hands cleaning boat as required
9.50am Started charge
11.10am Stopped charge

Sunday 6th September
6.30 am Slipped and proceeded to TB24 to Newcastle
9.5 Arrived at Newcastle and proceeded petrol peer
Took in 500 gallons of petrol proceeded alongside Alecto
6.5pm Started charge
11pm Stopped charge

Monday 7th September at Newcastle
5.30am Slipped Alecto and proceeded to buoy
1.40pm Slipped and proceeded to sea for torpedo practice
2.44 Dived and attacked HMS Alecto
3.6 Surface fired port torpedo result hit
3.59 Dived and attacked Alecto
4.30 Fired starboard torpedo result hit. Surface
5.14 Proceeded into harbour
6.30 Secured alongside Alecto
7pm Started charge
Topped up 2 torpedoes and 4 groups
Filled up with fresh water
Era’s fitted eye bolt to fore hatch and renewed water joints

Tuesday 8th September
2.15am Stopped charge
8.50 Slipped and proceeded to buoy
2.22 Proceeded to sea to swing compass for adjustment
4.10pm Secured to buoy
6.32pm Slipped and proceeded up harbour
7.10pm Secured to Alecto
7.30pm Started charge
9.40pm Broke charge
Era’s refitted starboard main ballast pump

Wednesday 9th September
9am Slipped and proceeded to buoy
11.50 Slipped buoy and secured alongside Alecto at entrance of harbour
4.50 Slipped and swung compass
6.35pm Proceeded up harbour

Thursday 10th September
Hands employed as required
4.20pm Proceeded to sea with navigating officer and swung for adjustment of compass
6.9pm dived 6.19 surface
6.29 Proceeded up harbour
7.45pm Started charge
11.20pm Stopped charge
Topped up with air; Hands refitting securing wires, torpedo tackles and making fenders
Era’s repairs to internal exhaust pipe

Friday 11th September
9.6am Slipped Alecto and proceed to Tee’s bay
12.15pm Secured to buoy at Tees bay

Saturday 19th September at Newcastle
Fitted new weight as requested
Discharge 40 gallons of petrol to Alecto

Sunday 26th September
8.30am Slipped and proceed to buoy
9.20am Slipped buoy and proceeded alongside Alecto owing to bad weather
Topped up with air
Sunday routine

Monday 21st September
Hands employed as required
Tuesday 22nd September
Hand employed on HMS Alecto
Refitted for jumping leg

Wednesday 23rd September
10am Slipped Alecto and proceeded to sea for torpedo practice
1.8pm Dived attacked Alecto
1.51 Fired starboard torpedo result hit
2.10 Proceeded into harbour and secured to buoy
4.45 Proceeded alongside Alecto
7.15 Started charge
11.40 Broke charge

Thursday 24th September
8.5am Slipped and proceeded to buoy
11.20 am Slipped buoy and proceeded up harbour owing to bad weather.
Secured to Alecto

Friday 25th September
Topped up 2 torpedo’s hands employed working in Alecto
Era’s make periscope ranging and lowing gear and repairs to air compressor

Saturday 26th September
Slipped Alecto and proceeded to buoy
5.15pm Proceeded to sea and carried out short dive
5.56pm Proceeded up harbour
6.25pm Secured to Alecto
6.50pm Started charge from Alecto
9.15pm Stopped charge

Sunday 22nd September
Sunday routine
Topped up 1 torpedo

Monday 28th September
Slipped Alecto 9am
Secured to petrol jetty and took in 800 gallons of petrol
1035am Secured to Alecto
Topped up 1 torpedo and 3 groups
Hands scraping boats side

Tuesday 29th September
8.30am Slipped Alecto and proceeded to buoy
Hands employed cleaning inside of boat
4.45pm Proceeded to sea and carried out to short dive
6.20pm Secured to Alecto
6.45pm Started charge
10pm Stopped charge

Wednesday 30th September
am landed boats crew for route march
pm hands painting both side topped up 1 torpedo and 3 groups

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