HM Submarine E2 Logs 1915

Thanks to Chris Hankin who provided this material from a hand written book he found. Unfortunately Chris cannot find any family connection.
Many more pages are yet to be transferred from the written word.. an ongoing process.

June 1915
Tuesday June 15th we arrived back from Borkum patrol. Wednesday 16th we got orders to proceed for the Dardanelles so we took on fuel and provisions and on Thursday left for Plymouth escorted by the Destroyer Firedrake.
Arrived at Plymouth Friday 18th at 8.30 am and made fast alongside the parent ship Onyx, completed with fuel and oil awaiting escort to Malta. Left Plymouth on Wednesday 23rd escorted by Honeysuckle.
Arrived at Gibraltar at 8 am Sunday 27th after a pleasant run but found our port main motor shaft has cracked but the admiral decided to send us on to Malta for repairs. On Monday 28th we left with our escort under one engine, Starboard. On Tuesday the Honeysuckle took us in tow. Wednesday, weather started to blow up rough and about 1 o’clock the tow parted just of the Algerian coast. We had to tag along again on one engine. Later we had a change of wind which finished up with a N.E gale and caused a tremendous sea. We had to close down the Conning tower hatch and the seas were washing right over the bridge but it eventually calmed down.
Saturday 3rd we arrived at Malta and secured to the Cruiser¹. She revived old memories of when I was up here before. When I sailed in the Grand Harbour in her. Now she is used as a mail ship. Malta seems the same as ever only instead of British ships being here there is the French fleet. They seem to be decent ships some of their latest ships. Monday we went into the dockyard for repairs and had a weary time waiting for our new shaft which had to come out from England.
Sunday 25th one of the French ships the France caught fire and considerable damage was done before it was got under.
Friday 30th, we did our motor and engine trials which were successful. Sat 31st, we went out to adjust compasses and also had a dive to test out under water fittings and top plate.
On Monday August 2nd, we left Malta escorted by Aquarius for Mudros arriving there on Thursday the 5th after a very nice trip, the weather being lovely. During our stay at Mudros we went alongside the repair ship to have a 12 pound of Gun put on instead of the 6 pounder we carried. Wednesday 11th we left for Inbros arriving there at 9 pm. Thursday the captain went up in an aeroplane to have a look at the channel and on his arriving back we got underway and proceeded to Suvla Bay going alongside the flagship Triad to await orders and also to take in more ammunition from the golf of lax. E14 arrived back safely today but they had to brake through steal wire nets. So we have something to look forward to. We spent the evening watching the artillery duels between our between our Batteries and ships and the Turkish Batteries.
At 1 am Friday 13th, we left the flagship escorted by a destroyer. 3am Cape Helles abeam. 3.55 divided on motors 20ft one mile short of Luka Dene. 5.45 Chanak abeam fired on from forts and a destroyer. 6.15am past Nugana. 6.25 Caught in nets of Nagara, wire caught around gun and conning tower fore jumping wire carried away. We put or helm hard a starboard full speed on both motors. 6.35 Wire parted, at the same time they fired charges from shore. We proceeded up channel at 90ft,
I might add it is an experience I don’t want to go through again. But I had my time fully occupied at the motors and no time to think of anything else. We came all the way up at 90ft only coming up at intervals to 20ft to take our bearings but every time our periscope bobbed up we had a dose of shrapnel from shore.
9.5 We came up to 20ft of Barhai Lerman a mine exploded of our port quarter and we had a destroyer in close attendance. 8.5 Lenum Burnu abeam destroyer parted company. I suppose she got fed up with trying to pot us. At 10.20 came up to 20ft of Chamdak small craft only inside.11.9 Gallipoli abeam, 12.20 went to the bottom at 60ft. 2.45 we came to the surface and proceeded up centre of channel on engine charging our battery. 4pm got through with our wireless to Aster. 6.50 Chased by destroyer 9.15 Dived to 60ft and remained down for the night.
I may add that we were the 13th boat to attempt the passage the 13th day of the 13th month of the war and also on a Friday. And as far as superstition is concerned we had little in our favour.
August 14th came to the surface 6.30 and proceeded up straights of Gallipoli. At 9 dived to attack a Turkish cruiser off Kara Burnu fired out starboard beam tube 1900 yards Hit. 1st blood… we put her on the bottom about 1 mile from shore. 9.30 came to the surface was fired on from shore but we did not trouble to return fire but carried on and proceeded rendezvous to meet E11. Caught a Dhour on our way and burnt her taking her crew of 6 prisoner.
2pm met E11 gave her 300 rounds of ammunition and then Hands to Bathe. Left E11 and dived at 9 for the night.

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