1908: Occupation at time of enrolment to Navy. Grocers Assistant.
He joined the Navy as a boy 2nd class in July 1908 when he was 17 years old for an engagement of 12 years.
1909-Rating-Boy 1st Class
1910-Rating-Ordinary Seaman
1915-Rating- Able Seaman
1910 passed his exams to become a Petty Officer on 6th December.

Arthur served on a number of ships before being trained on submarines.
1908, 2nd July -2nd Nov 1908 HMS Ganges-Boys Training Establishment ,Shotley, Suffolk. ( Previously known as the old "Minotaw" )
1908, 3rd Nov -7th March 1909 HMS Battleship Victorious ( A Majestic Class battleship serving throughout WW1 )
1909, 8th March-26th March 1909 HMS Battleship Prince George (A Majestic Class battleship serving throughout WW1 )
1909, 17th March-3rd June 1910 HMS Battleship King Edward VII ( A battleship sunk by a mine in 1916 )
1910, 4th June-30th July 1910 HMS Victory-Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth.
1910, 31st July-10th September 1912, HMS Bonaventure- Submarine Depot Ship, Harwich. ( an old converted cruiser - this no doubt is where he first became attracted by the idea of joining submarines .)
1912, 11th September-25th November 1912, HMS Vernon-Torpedo School, Portsmouth.
1912, 26th November-27th September 1913, HMS Enchantress- Admiralty Yacht.
1913, 28th September-24th March 1914, HMS Dolphin-Submarine Depot Ship, Gosport, Hants.
1913 Xmas, Arthur sent a Christmas Card from the E7 while based at Chatham.
Mary his wife recalled him saying how the crew of the Zeppelins were surprised to find the submarine could fire on them. This probably relates to a raid the E7 took with the E6 on the 25th December 1914 with 9 other subs supporting the RNAS on Zeppelin sheds.
At 08.30 hrs E7 surfaced under a Zeppelin and had to dive rapidly. ( E7 only got its gun 10th/11th June 1915 so presume he was on E6 at this time ?)
Mary also recalls the submarine was grounded on the sea bed and the crew all shook hands thinking they would not be able to lift off.
There was also talk that he took 2 trips to the Dardanelle's which could only be on the E7 and was only probably one.
1914, 25th March-26th December 1915-HMS Maidstone-Submarine Depot Ship, Harwich- Submarine E.6. ( Probably E7 1st )
As per his Service History provided by the MOD. Arthur joined the "E6" 25th Mar.1914
Arthur was probably swapped between the submarines E7 and E6 but was back home for 25th September 1915 before finally being assigned the E6.

Churchill once called Arthur "Lofty"
Prior to his last voyage Arthur returned 3 times to his wife Mary , saying that he did not want to go, but she persuaded him he must as he could not desert his comrades.
Plaque inside Kimpton Church, Hants. says.. Deaths 1914-1918 Fought and Died ..Frederick Jackman, Arthur Jackman.
Also commemorated on Panel 7 of the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.
1915 the address at the time of his death on his Probate says..of Kimpton in the County of Hants ( Where his parents were living ). As Arthur and Mary were married in Sept 1915 and he had died by December 26th they had no property of their own.
When Arthur was killed the telegram was sent to his parents address at Kimpton. Charlotte his sister travelled to Harwich, where Mary his wife was in digs, to break the news of his death.

Death Certificate says Rating..Able Bodied Seaman.
Arthur left £105.0s.6p in his will to his wife Mary.
His last letter says... My Darling...Im afraid you wont get this in time to stop you from coming down but I cant help it I don't know how to let you know quicker. We were told when we got here that we were leaving at 7am. 8 days I think so hope to be back next Sunday so you must write and tell Lot to come quick. I hope the time will soon go by I mustn't grumble I have been pretty lucky haven't I. Cant write any more so au-revoir
God bless you my darling
Ever Yours Jim

Thanks to Arthur Jackman's family for providing this unique piece of history.

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