HMS/m E1:  Movements, 1914 - 1916

15/10/1914 to 02/11/1914
Breakthrough into the Baltic:
15th 5am: left Gorleston with E9. Broke down off Smith's Knoll but continued passage at 10.0 am.
Having made frequent dives to avoid being sighted by neutral shipping, Arrived off the Moon Sound at 1.30pm on the 17th
Passage through the Sound completed at 11.30pm then dived and sat on the bottom off Moens Klint
18th 9.10am: sighted German Cruiser Furst Bismark. Fired two torpedoes, both missed.
10.42am Sighted small cruiser but could not get within range to attack.
11.30 sighted Herha Class Cruiser. Spent six hours trying to attack but could not get into position.
19th: Patrolled south of Bornholm.
20th Dived in Gulf of Dantzig. Three cruisers in basin at Neufahrwasser but unable to attack.
21st: Arrived off Libau.
25th: Proceeded with E9 for Gulf of Dantzig.
28th: sighted destroyer off Neufahrwasser fired one torpedo but missed.
30th 7am: Rendezvoused with E9 off Bogscarr Light House. Met by Russian patrol off Benskar Light House and conducted to Lapwick.

November 2nd: Proceeded in company with E9 and Russian vessel Rynda to Reval for refit.

11/12/1914 to 17/12/1914
11th 9am: left Helingsfors and proceeded towards Lapwick
13th 1.35pm: Sighted enemy destroyer and attacked. - Missed. At dark came to surface to charge batteries but after one hour the port intermediate shaft fractured. Broke off patrol and proceeded to Lapwick.
16th 11.21am: Attacked by German submarine with two torpedoes. Avoided both by use of the helm while dived.
4.0pm: Arrived Lapwick.
17th: Proceeded to Hemingford

17/08/1915 to 20/08/1915
17th 7.30pm: left Reval to cruise off gulf of Riga
18th 7.30am: Anchored awaiting fog to lift
8.45: Proceeded as requested 19th 3am: Dived in cruising position
8.10 am: Sighted line of Battle Cruisers
8.20: Fired starboard beam tube. Hit: Battlecruiser Moltke. Immediately, dived to avoid destroyer. Fog and a large number of destroyers prevented further attacks.
9.15: Heavy fog all day requested return to Reval
20th Noon: Arrived Reval

28/04/1916 to 02/05/1916
28th 10.55 am: Proceeded to sea with E18. 11.0pm Made fast alongside Slava.
29th 8.20 am: Slipped and anchored on account of drifting ice. 7.5pm Alongside Slava.
30th 1.35pm: Proceeded to sea with two Russian destroyers and E18.
11.0pm: Arrived at Runo Island went alongside Bercost

1st May: Slipped and proceeded in company to Wenden.
10.15am: Anchored at Wenden
1.50pm: Weighed and proceeded in company with Bercost and E18 to Rukisorga
5.15pm: Made fast to minelayer Ural
2nd May 8.15: Proceeded with E18 to Reval
4.50pm: Arrived at Reval.

25/05/1916 to 31/05/1916
25th 2.0pm: Left Reval and proceeded to sea.
28th: Arrived on position. 2.35am dived and proceeded towards shore, 54.25N 16.3E
Observed two small transport steamers in shallow waters and one two funnel, white paddle steamer, escorted by a trawler.
29th 11.30 Sighted transport, latter found to be British Steamer Winterton escorted by a small torpedo gunboat
3.50pm: Surfaced and started charge
4.0: Sighted aeroplane one mile to starboard - dived to 50 feet.
4.1pm: Aeroplane dropped 5 bombs - dived to 80 feet.
4.20pm: Aeroplane dropped 4 bombs
5.5: surfaced and started charge
5.15: Sighted aeroplane - dived to 80 feet
6.10pm: While at 80 feet, aeroplane immediately overhead dropped two bombs. the sea was rough, a bright sun with no clouds. Care had been taken to ensure no oil was leaking. dived to 100 feet.
6.30: Battery very low, surface and sighted nothing. Moved from area. when 5 miles N West of Bornholm encountered a patrol of six trawlers which were avoided by diving.
31st May 6.0pm: Arrived Reval

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