HM Submarine Odin

Odin was laid down on 23 June 1927 and launched by Mrs Sterling on 5 May 1928.
Following the launch, Odin passed from the river into the basin at 14:30 via the south lock. She was completed on 4th March 1930.
Named after the father of the gods in Norse mythology this was first used in 1807 and this submarine was the 4th vessel to have this name.
When the war started in 1939, Odin was in Singapore with the eighth flotilla. She then transferred her base to Colombo in October.
In mid November 1939 when the Pocket Battleship Graph Spee rounded the Cape, Odin, working with Otus in the Chagos and Maldive Islands was alerted of the German raiders position.
Patrolling with Olympus in March 1940, they searched the Chagos and Maldive Islands to ensure the safety of a troop convoy carrying ANZAC's to the Middle East.
Intelligence reports in early 1940 made clear Italy was preparing for war. With few submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, the eighth flotilla in Singapore was transferred to Alexandria. Six of the flotillas boats were sent to Malta, Odin was one of these.
When Italy declared war on 10 June 1940, Odin was patrolling off the Italian Naval Base at Taranto. On the night of 13/14 June, Odin was caught on the surface by the Italian destroyer Strale.
Odin was lost with all hands, Captain,4 officers and 50 men.


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