HM Canadian Submarine Okanagan

Okanagan was laid down on 25 March 1965. She was launched on 17 September 1966 by Madame Monique Cadieux, wife of the Associate Minister of National Defence Canada the Hon. Leo Cadieux.
At the launch march past, Rear Admiral W.J. Parker took the salute and both the Royal Marine band and the Canadian band were on parade.
8.000 people were at the dockyard for the ceremony.
She was commissioned into the Canadian Forces on 22 June 1968 with pennant number 74.
In July 1973, Okanagan collided with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Grey Rover while exercising in British waters. Fortunately, there were no injuries to the submarine's crew.
Okanagan participated in the filming of the Japanese disaster film Fukkatsu no hi, released in 1980; one of her officers was given a small speaking role.
She was decommissioned from Maritime Command (MARCOM) on 14 September 1998. She had served her entire career with Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) in the North Atlantic.

My thanks to Richard Pilon for the information he provided on Okanagan.


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Okanagan Gallery

List of Commanding Officers up to 1973
Lt Cmd
N.H. Frawley
Lt Cmd
C.J. Crow
Lt Cmd
H.R Waddell
M. Tate
Lt Cmd
C.E. Falstrem
Post 1973
(List not complete)
Lt Cmd
S.A. Virgin
Lt Cmd
D.P. Mulholland

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