HM Submarine Rainbow

Ordered under the 1928 building programme, Rainbow was laid down on 24 July 1929 and launched by Mrs Addison on 14 May 1930.
The first use of the name Rainbow was in 1586 and this submarine would be the tenth RN vessel to have the name.
Following completion at Chatham and her Work Up, Rainbow sailed for the Far East Station. Rainbow operated up as far north as Vladivostok in January 1940. On one occasion there was so much ice on the bridge, the W/T airial was lost. Her role at this time was intelligence gathering in both Soviet and Japanese waters. She remained in the Far East until 1940 when she transferred to the Mediterranean.
On 25 September 1940 she sailed for a patrol in the Adriatic and never returned. It is believed she collided with another ship and was sunk.

HMS/m Rainbow: Dockyard Movements
from Launch to Completion
River to Basin
via North Lock
Basin to River: Passed back onto No7 Slipway
via South Lock
River to Basin
via South Lock
Basin to River
via North Lock

Rainbow pic
Rainbow Gallery

Rainbow Wartime Movements

In Memoriam

List of Commanding Officers
Lt Cmd
T. Yeoman
Lt Cmd
A.S.H Morris
Lt Cmd
J.E Broom
Lt Cmd
W.S Hall
Lt Cmd
J.D Luce
Lt Cmd
L.P Moore

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