HM Submarine Shalimar

Shalimar was ordered under the 1941 Emergency War Programme and laid down on No 7 Slip on 17 April 1942. She was launched by Mrs Grace on 22 April 1943 and completed on the 2nd April 1944.
The name Shalimaroriginated from a garden in Kashmir and was first used in 1939. This submarine would be the second RN vessel to have the name.
After completion Shalimar left Chatham via the south lock at 09:50 on 7 April 1944.
Following the success of her workup, she arrived in Holy Loch on 9 June. Shalimar carried out just one war patrol in home waters before taking passage to the Far East.

Her first patrol from Trincomalee was in the area of the Nicobars & Andamans. On 26 October 1944 after a failed attack on a convoy, she was herself attacked by escort vessels. Nearing the end of her patrol on 2 November 19444 she made a surface gun attack on Car Nicober, damaging the pier and five landing craft. During her next patrol she was in the Malacca Straits. Two attacks on 6th and 14th December both failed to score hits. She returned to Trincomalee on 22 December. Back in the Malacca Straits on the next patrol, she carried out successful attacks, sinking four Junks and damaging a small coaster and four landing craft. On 21 January 1945 Shalimar using all six forward and her single stern torpedoes, carried out an unsuccessful attack on a Japanese submarine. Her final war patrol was again in the Malacca Straits during July and August of 1945. During this successful patrol she sank four Junks, one Tug, One Lighter and a Coaster.

Having survived the war in Europe and the Far East, Shalimar was scrapped in 1950.


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