HM Submarine Shark

Ordered under the 1931 building programme, Shark was laid down on 12 June 1933 and launched by Mrs Round on 31 May 1934.
She was the twelfth vessel of the name, the first being in 1691.
Following her launch, Shark moved from the river into the basin via the north lock at 15:10 on Thursday 31 May 1934. Upon completion she left the basin via the North lock and headed out into the river at 09:05 on Monday 31 December 1934. Her movements within the dockyard from launch to completion are shown below.
Her career began operating from Portsmouth, then during 1935 she sailed for the Mediterranean and remained on station until 1939. Soon after the war began, she sailed for home with three others of her class. After arriving back at Portsmouth on 22nd October 1939, she made one war patrol before sailing to Sheerness for repairs. From Sheerness she moved to Harwich and made patrols from here until late May 1940 when she sailed to Rosyth. Whilst on patrol in July 1940, Shark was caught on the surface and attacked by a German aircraft. This attack caused damage to the rudder and a leak in the hull. She fought off several more attacks with the loss of one of her crew. The arrival of three German Minesweepers forced the captain to scuttle the boat. The crew were taken prisoner.


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