HM Submarine Starfish

Starfish was laid down on 26 September 1931 and launched by Mrs Summers on 14 March 1933.
She was the third vessel of the name, the first being in 1895.
Following her launch, Starfish moved from the river into the basin via the north lock at 14:30 on Tuesday 14 March 1933. Upon completion she left the basin via the South lock and headed out into the river at 14:00 on Friday 27 October 1933. Her movements within the dockyard from launch to completion are shown below.

Her career began operating from Portsmouth then between 1934 and 1935 she was based at Portland. From 1935 to the start of the war Starfish was part of the Home Fleet.

During the 1937 Coronation celebrations, Starfish and another Chatham boat, Swordfish were moored in St Katherine's Dock, London.

Her short war service saw her based at Dundee, Rosyth and Blyth, her patrols were all in the North Sea Area.
On the morning of the 9th January 1940, Starfish began an attack on a surface ship. The firing routine was not completed and she was detected by the Minesweeper M7. The counter attack by M7 caused damage to the hydroplanes and the boat was taking in water. The captain kept Starfish on the bottom until it was dark. When she surfaced, she was immediately attacked and it became necessary to scuttle Starfish . All the crew, were taken prisoner.
During her build, Starfish had shared No.7 slipway at Chatham with Seahorse, in one fatal week, both boats were lost.


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