HM Submarine Una

Ordered under the 1939 emergency war programme, Una was laid down on 7 May 1940 and launched by Mrs Tussen on 10 June 1941.
She was the first vessel to have this name.
Following her launch, Una moved from the river into the basin via the south lock at 1515 on Tuesday 10 June 1941. Upon completion she left the basin via the North lock and headed out into the river at 1130 on Wednesday 8th October 1941 bound for Portsmouth to join the 5th Flotilla for trials and training.
Within a month of leaving Chatham, Una carried out her first war patrol in the Bay of Biscay.
Una spent all of 1942 and the first quarter of 1943 operating in the Mediterranean. During this time, she completed seventeen patrols, sank five transports, was used to land Commandoes and provided cover during Operation Torch.
On her return to the UK in 1943 she went into refit. The remainder of the war saw Una in the Seventh Flotilla at Rothsay, operating in a training role.
Una was one of only three of the twelve in her class to survive the war.
In November 1945 she went into reserve and was sold for scrap to Rees of Llannelly in April 1949.


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List of Commanding Officers
D.S.R Martin
C.P Norman
C.A.J Nicholl
F.E. Ashmead-Bartlet
A.M.E Buxton

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